wood heaters

wood fires

Wood fires are the traditional form of heating homes in Tasmania and are still very popular today both for the type of heat that they produce and the ambience of having a natural flame. Modern wood fires are much more efficient than the older models and produce considerably less emissions. They are also quite cost effective to run especially if you have access to a good supply of firewood. There is a wide range available including inbuilt into a fireplace and freestanding as well as the option of radiant or convected. Tas Energy Savers only supply quality Australian made wood heaters and provide free in home assessments to advise you of the benefits of the different types of wood fires available. We can also arrange the installation of your wood heater with all work fully guaranteed.

pellet fire heaters

On the outside, a pellet heater looks just like any other combustion heater, it’s what’s inside that makes all the difference.  Pellet stoves burn recycled material at a low combustion rate by reducing the fuel load whereas a wood heater controls combustion by reducing oxygen (air control). So in fact wood and pellet heaters actually work the opposite way to each other.

Rather than burning chunks of wood, a pellet stove creates warmth by burning small wood pellets, which burn efficiently because they are so dense.  They are a recycled byproduct of sawmills, so they are certainly a sustainable alternative to cutting down trees. Pellet fuel is also known as bio-fuel or bio-energy.  The source of sawdust (harvested trees) is renewable and because the sawdust is waste, pellet fuel used for heating it is great for our environment and our economy.

Pellet stoves don’t take up a lot of space and can be inbult into a wall or existing fireplace or they can be freestanding. A small flame is visible in the center of the unit, which provides a room with a warm and cozy glow.

We are the Tasmanian distributor of the high quality and modern designed Piazzetta Pellet Heaters.

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