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Double Glazing keeps your home warm in winter by stopping the cold from entering your home through the windows.  It also prevents the heat leaving your home through thin single glazed windows or cracks in the frames. This will mean you need less heating and in turn reduce your energy costs.  The latest double glazing can more than halve the loss of heat form your home. It can also dramatically cut down the noise from outside that enters your home through the windows such as traffic noise, neighbours and the wind.

Tas Energy Savers supply and install quality double glazed windows from trusted manufacturers with products proven to work in the Tasmanian climate.

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No matter what your specifications, you can get double glazed solutions for your home. Choosing double glazing for your windows helps protect your home from the renowned Australian sun to keep you cool all summer long. When the temperatures drop leave the cool air outside and keep warm during winter.

If you are building, look into passive solar design. You can position your windows in a way that they let warmth in during winter but keep it out in summer. Add double glazing to the mix and you have substantially energy efficient windows. If you have a pre-existing property you can add another layer to your single glazed windows to reap the benefits of double glazing.

Double glazing isn’t just for cooler months. If you want to keep cool in summer double glazing works well to help ensure this in your home. If you have the air conditioning cranked in the peak of summer double glazing helps to keep that cool air inside. Loss of the cool air through windows is minimised providing an energy efficient way of keep the temperature down during the summer months.

How well double glazing works for you depends on the installation method, the type of window frames you have or choose, it is important to talk to experts like TAS Energy Savers in Hobart, to ensure your double glazing works for your home and situation.

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