energy efficient homes

At Tas Energy Savers, we can advise you on how to maximise energy savings and beat the rising energy costs for your home or business by installing energy efficient products such as air circulation systems, insulation, double glazed windows and LED lighting. These products can make a significant difference to your energy bills and can be much more effective than trying to save power by turning off the computers at night and not using your heater when you want to.
Australian homes are often under prepared for our harsh climate. Often homes will have one of the many systems available installed but they are losing heat and energy efficiency by not having the others to back it up. We suggest a combination of systems from solar panels to great insulation, the right lighting and effective glazing to keep your home efficient and comfortable.
We offer free in-home assessments in Hobart and its surrounding areas with expert advice to help you find the most efficient way of combining various energy saving systems to save you money. We provide independent, unbiased advice on all the different choices and arrange the supply and installation of these systems.
Tas Energy Savers only use quality products from well known brands that are proven to be effective in the Tasmanian climate; keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and save your energy bills.


A ducted air circulation system can comfortably control the temperature of your home or business. A good ducting system moves the air between the living room and the other areas of the house, keeping a more even room temperature.

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LED Lighting

LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. LED lights will result in considerable savings in electricity bills.

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double glazing

Double Glazing keeps your home warm in winter by stopping the cold from entering your home through the windows. It also prevents the heat leaving your home through thin single glazed windows or cracks in the frames.

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Tas Energy Savers supply and install insulation for homes and businesses in Hobart and it’s surrounding areas. We incorporate a complete-home approach to energy saving and to maintain a more comfortable temperature all year round.

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