Fujitsu Heat Pumps

When it comes to keeping your home or office warm, it’s important to choose the heat pump that provides the effective and efficient option for you. Fujitsu fits the bill whether you are looking for residential or commercial systems. Keep cool all summer long and warm during winter with a solution to fit in with your design and exceed your expectations. Fujitsu also offers a full five year warranty on labour and parts to provide you with peace of mind when purchasing your air conditioning unit.

 If you want to keep your home or office warm in winter, cool in summer, Fujitsu offers a range of options including:


  • Wall mounted
  • Multi Type System
  • Ducted
  • Cassette
  • Ceiling/floor

Wall Mounted

In homes and office spaces all across Australia you’ll find wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning units. These are the most popular as they provide the most cost-effective way to provide the optimum temperature. The Fujitsu models are highly energy efficient so that you don’t end up with any energy bill shocks. There are three different ranges including classic, lifestyle and designer to cater for your individual needs.

Classic Range

The classic range is designed to ensure comfort in larger rooms. The units are easy to operate via remote control. There is an economy operation setting to minimise the energy consumption of the air conditioning unit. The filters on the classic range system clean fine dust particles using static electricity. This ensures your air is clean combatting tobacco smoke and plant pollen amongst other pollutants and works to reduce the growth of bacteria.


Lifestyle Range

The lifestyle range ranks highly for energy efficiency and some models have a five star energy rating. They have aesthetic appeal and whilst performing well. All models have the human sensor feature to ensure your unit is only in operation when it’s needed. If no one is detected after 20 minutes the air conditioning will switch to energy saving mode and operate normally once movement is detected again. Make use of your air conditioning with ease at the touch of a button.

Designer Range

If you are looking at combining style with energy efficient features then the designer range is the perfect solution for you. This award winning design is also packed with a range of features combined with high energy efficiency ratings. Human sensors so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on whilst you are out.

Multi Type System

If you are looking for a flexible system to suit your home or office needs then Fujitsu’s multi type system can accommodate you. Combine a range of indoor units such as ducted, wall mounted, cassette or consoles with one outdoor unit to get the most out of your heat pump. This allows you to have total control over individual temperatures for each room or zone in your house or workspace. This can enable you to cut down on your running cost which is great for your personal or office budget.

Multi Systems

When you want to cool a number of rooms (on multiple floors) an outdoor unit can be connected to a maximum of four units positioned indoors. Run them all simultaneously or one at a time. This system allows you to operate your air conditioning to suit your lifestyle. They are economical and energy efficient and have independent controls. Multi systems work well in different home and office environments of all sizes.

Airstage Systems

If you own a larger home or offices then you may wish to consider Fujitsu’s airstage systems. They provide the same reliability and energy efficiency as the multi systems, however, use group control instead of individual remote control. You can still achieve optimum comfort by using different settings in each part of the building.


If you would prefer to streamline all of your heating and cooling throughout your entire home or office then ducted might be the most suitable form of air conditioning. They are more discreet in regards to aesthetics as well as noise. Use an LCD control to change the settings for your ultimate comfort.


Ducted bulkhead air conditioning can be installed no matter what space is available and performs efficiently.



If you’re short on space the slimline can be installed in most ceiling spaces. It’s energy efficient and activated by a central LCD control panel.


Single Phase

Ducted single phase air conditioning is great if you require a large number of air ducts as the high static permits this. Connect up to eight zones to allow for more personalised temperature controls. This allows for greater comfort in your home or office.


Three Phase

Like the single phase it is slim, compact and allows for a greater number of ducts. It also performs highly in the energy efficiency ratings whilst being both quiet and discreet.

Cassette Heat Pump Systems

If you are looking for a discreet for of air conditioning that also functions exceptionally well then Fujitsu’s cassette could be the solution for you. They cover your entire room and distribute air in four different directions to guarantee you will feel the effects no matter where you are located. You can plan your usage for the week which enables you to save on your energy usage and get organised whether you are controlling the temperature in a residential or commercial environment. They are easy to clean.

Floor/Ceiling Consoles

Fujitsu has all of your options covered and the also offer floor/ceiling consoles. The units are stylish and thin to reduce the amount of space they require. Different models are suited for installation on your ceiling, floor or both. This allows you to maximise your space whilst making the temperature comfortable in your home or office. They all have fans integrated to assist with circulating the air in the room to provide a comfortable environment for employees or residents. Multi auto swing uses a combination of different directions to distribute the cool air evenly. They are effective yet still are quiet and energy efficient.

Fujitsu offers a range of heat pump solutions to suit your residential or commercial needs. You can access individual brochures to find out more about each option.

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Fujitsu Heat Pumps In Hobart

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