heat pump hot water

An air-sourced heat pump hot water system works by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it to water in a tank.

The secret to making a heat pump work is the use of a refrigerant that evaporates at a low temperature. The heat pump uses electricity to drive the compressor and the fan instead of using electricity to heat the water directly.

The heat pump is able to transfer heat energy from the surrounding air to the water, which makes it highly efficient. How much heat is transferred depends on the ambient temperature during operation. The energy savings can be over 300%.

Tas Energy Savers are the state distributor for the quality Australian brand of Siddons heat pump hot water systems that come as an All-in -one unit or with a separate bolt-on package and also have the option of stainless teel tanks. To arrange an obligation free quote on a heat pump hot water system contact us on 62484811, email us or drop into our showroom.

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