Heat Pumps

Heat pumps (also known as reverse cycle air conditioners) are a great ‘on demand’ climate control system. Not only are they one of the cheapest systems to run, but they have the added benefit of providing a cool climate in summer.

They are extremely cost-efficient as they gently increase or decrease power to maintain your desired temperature (rather than stopping and starting). Heat pumps have a heating efficiency of up to 300% because they take heat that’s already in the air outside and bring that heat inside through the refrigerant that passes through the system. This highly efficient process enables their running costs to be a third of most other forms of traditional electric heating.

As an experienced supplier of quality heat pumps based in Hobart, Tas Energy Savers can make sure your system is sized correctly for your home and installed in the right location. Undersized heat pumps will struggle in cold weather, while oversized equipment is a needless expense that can cause draughts and waste electricity. We only deal with well known brands that are proven to work in the Tasmanian climate such as Fujitsu, Daikin and Panasonic.

Heat Pumps come in a variety of models and sizes – from single room models that can be installed on a wall or on the floor, to fully ducted systems that can heat your entire home or business. There is also a range of heat pump hydronic systems available that can heat your house and your hot water at the same time.

Wall Mounted Split Systems

The term “split” means that there is an internal unit along with an external unit which are connected with cabling and tubes, the Split system is the most commonly used style of heat pump in Tasmania. They represent great purchase value and are designed to provide climate control in the area in which they are installed.

Floor Mounted Systems

Floor mounted are considered the best style when the predominant use is to provide heating, this is because they are positioned at floor level and the warm air rises. Floor mounted units are commonly more expensive to purchase than wall mounted systems.

Cassette Style Units

This style of Heat Pump is mount on the ceiling and are used for aesthetic reasons as they are unobtrusive and don’t take up any floor or wall space.

Ducted Heat Pump Systems

Generally used in larger house to provide the efficient heating or cooling of the unit to all the rooms. They generally have larger capacity units and ducting is installed in the house to provide warm or cool air throughout. These units are fantastic for Hobart conditions.

Multi-Split Heat Pump Systems

This is a single large unit that has multiple internal split wall mounted units in the house, the same as a split system but with more than one internal unit.

Tas energy savers are expert installers of all varieties and variations of Heat Pumps, we can provide the advice you need to make the decision on which style will suit your home or business. We are locally based in Hobart and provide onsite quotes for free.

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