hot water

Tas Energy Savers supply and install a large range of energy efficient hot water systems in Hobart and its surrounding areas, including heat pump hot water systems, gas, electric and solar hot water.
We provide free in-home assessments, with simple explanations of the benefits of each system. All of our systems are from quality brands that are proven to work in the Tasmanian climate. We also offer interest free terms to assist with the purchase of a new, energy efficient hot water system to replace your faulty, old electric system.

gas hot water

Using gas instead of electricity to heat your water can help to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and may lower your water heating costs. Tas Energy Savers are fully accredited gas installation experts.

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heat pump hot water

An air-sourced heat pump hot water system works by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it to water in a tank. These systems work very well in the Tasmanian climate to provide hot water all year round.

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solar hot water

Solar hot water is a reliable and environmentally friendly renewable energy system. Tas Energy Savers specialise in the supply and installation of highly efficient evacuated tube and flat panel solar hot water systems.

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electric hot water

Tas Energy Savers can supply and install the latest in electric hot water cylinders from the leading brands in the market. We specialise in doing changeovers from old, faulty cylinders and replacing with new models.

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