When the cold weather sets in, nothing compares to sitting in front of a roaring fire. However, the traditional wood fires are not always practical in modern homes. Piazzetta’s pellet heaters use technology to create an easy to use, low maintenance and environmentally friendly alternative.


Here’s how pellet heaters can benefit you:


  • Eco-friendly – If you are conscious of your carbon footprint then a pellet heater fits the bill. They have a low emission rate and don’t use up our non-renewable fossil fuels. Instead, they require pellets made from recycled wood waste which would otherwise end up in a landfill facility.
  • Energy efficient – To keep warm through the cooler months, you will require less fuel than other heating options. This ensures it is a cost-effective and highly efficient heating method.
  • Simple to use – Our pellet heaters are easy to operate and maintain. They start up instantly, so you will feel immediate warmth. Don’t waste your time with stocking and set your timer, temperature and fan speed to customise to your preferences.


Piazzetta boasts three ranges of pellet fires to suit your heating requirements. Whether you want to use it to spread the heat around your home, contain the usage in one room or integrate it into your current heating system.

SY Range

If you are looking for a heater that is energy efficient, keeps your room warm whilst looking stylish then the SY Range has several options. There are a few models in Italian hand finished ceramic that will compliment your décor.


Air is pushed out of the bottom of the heater which provides even distribution. You won’t have to worry about the level of humidity as it’s equipped with a stainless steel humidifier. Operate with a LED remote to achieve the perfect temperature and fan speed.


With the P963C and P963M models, you have the option to duct other rooms to maintain your level of comfort throughout your home.

Select the energy saving function to save on your power bills as well as do your bit for the environment. You can also set timers for your convenience.


SC Range

Piazzetta caters for all budgets and the SC Range delivers an affordable pellet heater that provides you with the following benefits:


  • Easy set up
  • Automatic consumption of pellets
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Remote control or digital controls for your convenience
  • Humidifier


The SC pellet heater slowly burns pellets to reduce the amount required. This highly efficient heating system is economical and requires little maintenance to make sure you stay warm. During installation, you can fit it to suit your home with several flue outlets.

Thermo Range, Perfect Pellet Fires For Hobart

Piazzetta’s thermo range has several options to incorporate a pellet fire into your existing heating system. Unlike other pellet fires, they are fitted with an internal boiler. Your thermo heater has the capabilities to integrate with conventional, solar or underfloor heating.


Take advantage of the energy saving options to reduce your heater’s fuel consumption while enjoying your ideal temperature. Select your heating options on a daily, weekly or weekend basis via LCD remote control.


To reduce your carbon footprint when heating your home, consider which Piazzetta pellet heater is right for your usage.


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