solar Hot water systems

Tas Energy Savers specialise in the supply and installation of highly efficient evacuated tube and flat panel solar hot water systems.

Evacuated tubes use a glass tube with a vacuum inside and copper pipes running through the centre. The copper pipes are all connected to a common manifold which is then connected to a slow flow circulation pump that pumps water to a storage tank below, thus heating the hot water during the day. The hot water can be used at night or the next day due to the insulation of the tank.

Tas Energy Savers recommend using the evacuated tube systems as they are superior because they can extract the heat out of the air on a humid day and don’t need direct sunlight. Due to the vacuum inside the glass tube, the total efficiency in all areas is higher and there’s better performance when the sun is not at an optimum angle – such as when it’s early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

Solar hot water is a reliable and environmentally friendly renewable energy system to harness the sun to heat your water. They are an investment in your home and lifestyle.

Evacuated Tube Systems

The Apricus solar hot water collector utilises our high quality, high performance evacuated tube technology to capture more solar energy for more hours in the day. Apricus is the go-to solar hot water collector for domestic, commercial and custom heating solutions in Australia and around the globe!

The collector passively tracks the sun, reaching it’s peak output earlier in the morning and staying at peak until later in the afternoon than a traditional flat plate collector.

The Apricus tubes have a vacuum between two glass layers and work similar to a thermos flask allowing it to retain up to 95% of the solar energy they capture! This means in colder climates and during the winter months, heat is retained and not lost into the atmosphere. The collectors are also rated to handle frost down to -15°C without the use of glycol which dramatically reduces maintenance of the system.

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