solar hybrid systems

Solar power systems used by households or businesses generally use either a grid- connected or an off-grid system. However, these aren’t the only options. A hybrid solar system gives you the benefit of earning Feed-In Tariff credits whilst allowing you to utilise battery stores. This permits you to connect to the grid whilst also having energy storage to ensure you have power on hand should you wish to use it in the evenings or during a blackout rather than buy it back at a higher rate. This gives more power to the consumer with less reliance on utility companies.

Never Lose Power

Purchasing a solar hybrid system means that when the grid fails you don’t have to lose power. With this type of system you have the option to disengage from the network if there is a grid interruption. You will be able to use stored energy in your batteries to keep the power supply going in your home. The sun provides an abundance of energy; in fact it could power the world for an entire year in just one hour according to The National Geographic Society. It makes sense to make the most of the energy you are creating through solar and to have a system that means you will never lose power.

Save on Your Power Bills

Often the amount of energy that you generate through solar during the day doesn’t provide significant financial returns if you feed it back into the grid. Often you don’t get chance to use the energy generated during the day as most people aren’t at home due to work amongst other commitments. However, if you have this energy stored you can use it in the evening or at another time that suits you. Using solar power when it’s sunny is great but having the means to store this power to use at other times means you can significantly reduce your power bills. A solar hybrid system gives you the power of choice and to use more of what you generate.

Customise Where Your Energy Goes and Comes From

You are in control of what happens to the energy you generate whilst also having options as to where the energy you require comes from. If your solar panels haven’t generated enough power for your needs during the day you can opt to get your batteries recharged from the grid and benefit from off-peak electricity rates. Electricity companies tend to bill you at a higher rate if your energy usage exceeds a certain amount. However, a solar hybrid system can be adapted to revert to stored energy from the batteries if you are using a lot of power to ensure you don’t get charged at the higher rate.

Enjoy All of the Benefits using tesla powerwall

Hybrid solar systems give you the security of energy and self-sufficiency which allows you to make the most of solar energy. You can avoid excessive power bills which only seem to be getting bigger. It allows you to be smart about when you use electricity from the grid minimising the amount you have to pay for it. You can benefit from a continuous power supply as other solar power users lose power when there are grid issues. TAS Energy Savers in Hobart can install high quality battery systems such as the tesla powerwall to make your hybrid solar panel system exceptional value.

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