Tas Energy Savers supply and install the latest solar power technology including solar grid connect systems, off grid systems, solar panels and solar hot water for Hobart and it’s surrounding areas. We provide free in-home assessments with expert, independent advice to help you find the best system to greatly reduce your power bills and lessen your carbon footprint. It is important that each home or business is individually inspected to ensure that the roof and electrics are suitable for a solar power system.

We will not just google your roof or try and sell a system over the phone or on the internet. As a local company with many years of experience in the Tasmanian industry, we are committed to providing quality products that are designed for Tasmanian conditions. We also have the option of interest free finance packages available for our customers.

Our new Cambridge show room has a large fully operational solar system installed, that our friendly staff will be happy to  demonstrate to you and explain how it all works.

solar grid connect systems

Solar grid connect systems supply solar electricity from solar panels to an inverter directly to the household and to the electricity grid if the system is providing more energy than the house needs.

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solar off grid systems

Solar off-grid systems or stand alone systems come in many shapes and sizes from small systems that can power a boat, caravan or shack all the way up to systems that can power a whole household if they are sized correctly.

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solar hybrid systems

Solar hybrid systems are still connected to the grid but have the capacity to store excess power during the day to use at night using technology such as Tesla Power Wall.

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government rebates

The Australian Government still provide a wide range of rebates for both solar grid connect and off grid systems. There are also rebates available for energy efficient hot water systems.

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